“…Throughout his work we can realize about the influence of German Expressionism, from which Casiano declares himself a deep admirer; but his figurativeness arrives with graphics.

There is a recurrent reference to Argentine History within his drawings and works in ink. This serves him as an anchor and it allows him that his historic characters can benefit from paraphrases even further than their represented images.

An example of this is the series, “Blind Fish” which synthesizes Roque Saenz Peñas’ address opened at the Congress in 1901 in reference to politicians’ lack of vision in those days.

In a kind of pictorial-narrative conciliation, which reveals his concern about current topics, he can print/engrave on a woman’s limb old newspaper clips as well as outline Ebola virus and brief strokes of chromosomes.

His frozen women comprise oriental comic, but different from this genre, in Casiano’s gain size and volume increased by the movement of lines that mold them…”